41st Divisional Artillery Operation Order No. 18. 26 September 1916

Sheet 1/10,000
41st Divisional Artillery Operation Order No. 18.
I. INTENTION. G.O.C., 55th Division intends to take the GIRD TRENCH and SUPPORT from N.26.a.5.9. to N.19.b.3.2.

II. ZERO HOUR and date will be notified later (probably noon September 27th.)

(a) There will be a Stationary and creeping barrage in the present Left, Left Centre, and Right Centre Zone.
(b) There will be a stationary barrage only in the Right Zone.

IV. CREEPING BARRAGE will be carried out by the 189th , 190th., 187th. Brigades R.F.A., each in its own zone.
The whole STATIONARY BARRAGE by the 21st Divisional Artillery each Brigade in its own zone with the exception that 95th Brigade extends up to a line NORTH and SOUTH through N.19 central.

V. The 183rd Brigade, R.F.A., will be allotted special tasks vide para. VIII.

VI. CREEPING BARRAGE will be placed
(a) At zero hour 150 yards NORTH of our present line which runs as follows:- N.20.d.1.0. – N.19.c.9.2.
(N.B. this line must be carefully verified by liaison Officers with the Infantry)
(b) At 0.3 Creeper advances at 50 yards per minute to line :- N.20.c.75.30. – N.20.c.7.51/2. – N.20.c.5 ½ .8. – N.20.a.2 ½ .0. – N.19.b.4.4 ½ .
And remain on this line till further orders.

(a) At 0.0 hour on line:-
N.20.d.9½.2. – N.20.d.2.3½. – N.20.d.1½.8. – N.20.c.8½.8½ . and remain in this line till further orders.
(b) (1). At 0/.0 hour on line:-
GIRD TRENCH from N.20.c.2½.2. to N.19.d.0.9.
(2). At 0.3 hours:-
Stationary barrage from N.19.d.9½.4½. – N.19.d.0.9. lifts direct on to GIRD SUPPORT from N.20.c.½ .7½. to N.19.b.0.2½.
(3). At 0.3 hours stationary barrage from:-
N.19.d.9½.4½. to N.20.c.2½.2.
searched back 50 yards per minute to a line N.20.c.8 ½.8 ½. – N.20.a.2.3.,
and remain till further orders.
(4). At 0.7 minutes stationary barrage in b (2) Advances from line N.20.c. ½ .7½. – N.19.b.0.2½. – N.19.b.0.9. and remains till further orders.
N.B. Right flank of Stationary barrage follows a line:-
N.20.a.2½.2. – N.20.c.4.4½. – N.20.c.8½.8½.

VIII. 183rd Brigade R.F.A. will carry out the following tasks:-
(a). Search LIGNY-TILLOY-FACTORY CONNER ROAD from N.19.b.5.8.
as far north as possible.
(b). Search tracks from N.20 Central and N.20.b.7.0., Northwards towards LIGNY TILLOY.
(c). Search track from N.20.b.7.0. towards N.15.a.5.0.
Above will be dealt with with sharp bursts of fire at frequent intervals from zero onwards.
(d). Will sweep to cover all dead ground between above mentioned tracks and roads.
(e). Officer Commanding, 183rd Brigade, will detail a special Battery to engage any fleeting targets.

IX. RATES OF FIRE for all Barrages.
(a). From 0.0 to 0.3 hours 2 rounds per gun per minute.
(b) “ 0.3 to 0.8 hours 3 “ “ “ “
(c). “ 0.8 to 0.38 hours 2 “ “ “ “
(d). “ 0.38 to 1.38 hours 1 round per gun per two minutes
(e). “ 1.38 onwards bursts of fire equivalent to 1 round per gun per four
X. (a). 4.5” HOWS of all Brigades will carry out a slow and methodical bombardment of GIRD TRENCH and GIRD SUPPORT from N.30.c.2½.1½. – N.19.b.3.2. from 5 hours before zero to zero hour.
D/187 assisting D/189 in Left zone.
D/183 “ D/190 in Left Centre Zone
Hows of 94th and 95th Brigades on Left and Left Centre zones.
Special attention being paid to strong points at:-
N.19.b.4½.8. and
(b). From Zero hour onwards 4.5” Hows will deal with all strong points, sunken roads, and road junctions, in their original Brigade zones North of the final line of creeping barrage.
(a). during bombardment
1 round per gun per 4 minutes.
(b). after zero hour, as in (a) except for special targets of fleeting opportunities.

XI. Forward guns of 183rd Brigade and 95th Brigade will assist close support to our Infantry and deal with favourable targets as offered.

XII. There is no limit to Ammunition (18 pdr or 4.5” How).
Every endeavour should be made to have a dump of:-
450 rounds per 18 pdr. Gun
300 “ “ 4.5” How.
At or near the guns at zero hour.

XIII. During the bombardment by 4.5” Hows., i.e. from -5 hours to 0.0 hours 18 pdrs will carry out normal day firing, searching all dead ground in their own zones at a slow rate of fire.

XIV. Diagrams of barrage will, if possible, be issued.

XV. Watches will be synchronised at a convenient hour before zero hour.

XVI. Arrangements as to Liaison Officers:-
Divisional Artillery O.P. and M.T.Ms will be the same as for attack on September 25th. (vide 41st Divisional Artillery Order No. 17 and Appendices).

C.M. Ling***
41st Divisional Artillery.

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