George Ryan’s letter home dated 24 Sept 1915

George Ryan’s letter home dated 24 Sept 1915

On headed notepaper with regimental crest 9th Middlesex Regt.
24 Sept 1915

Dear M & F,

Many thanks for your letter of Sep 2 with the piece of heather enclosed. Also for the Sunday Pictorials, which I generally receive sooner or later. The P.O. does have a fine game with newspapers. I had none last week, so I’ve got 2 this week. Another fellow that hasn’t had any for 3 weeks has just got them all together this week.

I suppose I shall get that letter of May’s next week as it will be the 3rd week from when you first mentioned it. What happens all day on Sundays now; out chin-wagging (to use her own expression) I suppose? Many years ago, about Dec 1914 I believe it was, she said she would write every other week, so I was going to write to you one week & to her the next but I reckon you get 4 or 5 to her one. But it’s such a long time ago she said it, perhaps she has forgotten.

I hope you told Mrs Jones I don’t look so smart as I ought in that photograph as my clothes were not done up properly.
Sorry to hear your marmalade is going begging. It wouldn’t if I was at home. I should enjoy some now, after the stuff we get here. (C & B’s in 1 lb tins – 7d).

Its very late now but I’ll wish Dad many happy returns of Oct 1. I meant to have done so a fortnight ago, but it slipped my memory when I was writing.
I was going to try & get your silk this week but I am at Cossipore, so will see if I can get it next week. I shall get it up at Calcutta as I don’t think it’s up to much what they sell at our Bazaar.

I’m practically clear of Prickly Heat at present but there’s something here at Cossipore that makes you itch, I don’t know what it is. It’s a good thing we get extra grub here as there’s nowhere where we can get anything & we get so jolly hungry. The only thing we like coming here for is the grub. Although we pay 1r/6a (1s/10d) for the week we are really in pocket as we spend more than that in barracks on grub.

We have had some rain down this last week. It’s rather upset our Platoon sports as the ground is half under water. But we’ve had it quite light here compared with other parts of the country. Up in the Lucknow district they are flooded out. Thousands of natives homeless.

Well we’ve heard no more about moving so continue to write to Dum-dum.
Have not heard from Bert again this week. I suppose he’s alright.
Hoping you are all well,
Love to all from,
Yr loving son

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