George Ryan’s letter home dated 17 Sept 1915

George Ryan’s letter home dated 17 Sept 1915

On headed notepaper with regimental crest 9th Middlesex Regt.
17 Sept 1915

Dear M & F,

Thanks for your letter of Aug 26 but I’ve had none from May.

I had a ¼ lb of Tobacco from Mr Harvey this week. (Manager of my old office.)

We are having a lot of sport here now as the Platoons are competing for a cup. Football, cricket, hockey & running. I expect you’ll think it funny playing such games as Football & Hockey out here but taking plenty of exercise is the only way of keeping fit. I played in our Platoon’s Hockey team last Sat against No 14 Platoon. (By the way our No is 13!). The result was a draw, we had hard luck in not winning.

Enclosed are 4 photos taken by one of our chaps. One is of the church, another of a native village near here, the 3rd is the Dhobie’s bungalow & pond & the other is the Dhobie “on the job”. No doubt you’ll think it a funny method of washing clothes. He swings the article round & catches it on a piece of wood or stone & as he does so he groans or shouts each time.

When the photos have “gone the round” please put them face to face & put them in one of my books upstairs.

Well we’ve heard nothing about moving & nothing about where we are going.

Hope you are all well.
Love to all from,
Yr loving son

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