Letter to Dick-Cunyngham dated 11 Sept 1915

Letter to Dick-Cunyngham dated 11 Sept 1915
11th Sept 1915

Dear Dick-Cunyngham,

I was very sorry indeed to find that you had departed before I returned from leave but I am very glad you have been promoted and I hope you will like your new job.

Personally I shall miss your help very much indeed and I am very grateful to you for all you have done for me since I took over the Brigade. it has been a great thing for me – a friendly Regimental Officer – having your staff training to point out the right way of doing things.

Phillips has been confirmed a B.M. and will, I am sure, do the work well.

Marin comes as Staff Captain. We shall have to muzzle his pen a bit or the Battns will revolt.

I had a topping time at home but found it rather more dangerous than Suzanne on account of the Zeps.

All luck
Yours ever
C.W. Compton

On the back Another Chit

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