Letter ref P C Lister 24 August 1914

Headed notepaper of
On Admiralty, War Office, and Crown Agents’ Lists.
The Parsons Motor Co., Ltd.,
Town Quay Works, SOUTHAMPTON.

August 24th 1914
The Recruiting Officer
Royal Engineers.

We have to-day filled in a portion of Army Form. . B. 195 handed to us by one of our employees now a candidate for enlistment in the Royal Engineers, namely Percival Charles Lister who was in our employment up till Saturday last the 22nd instant, and whom we regard as an exceptionally good Turner and Machinist on small accurate work, on ordinary Engine Lathes, Universal Grinders, Shaping & Slotting Machines.
He is accustomed to working to fine limits, and can use the Micrometer and Limit Gauges.
He has our best wishes for a successful career.
Yours faithfully

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