Dick-Cunyngham letter to wife dated 5 Sept 1914

Dick-Cunyngham letter to wife dated 5 Sept 1914
Sep 5
My darling one,

I seem to have so little time to write but things are better tonight & I have time. Times still very strenuous – I fear news of Regt is very sad but we must hope for the best – I saw the few two days ago all very well & cheery – Willie Marshall feels it badly – have only just heard poor Shafto’s death – I am so sorry & I fear it will be some time before complete lists are out.

Still very hot by day & I long for Indian khaki – I find I sleep almost better outside than in a house & it is much more healthy.

My precious one I do long for news of you, mails have been very bad, only 2 letters so far, but will probably get a bunch in a day or two. Days have gone so wearily I have lost count completely – I believe it is Sunday tomorrow.

Find it hard to get cigarettes here – a kind man gave me ½ dozen yesterday – your meat lozenges are very useful & they do keep one going especially during a night march – I suck 2 or 3 & they help to keep me awake.

We are such a party now, nearly 40, difficult to feed, but so far resources of country have saved us. I see I am graded for A.P.M. as a D.A.A.G. Deputy Assistant Adjt Gen which means I believe pay at 550£ per annum. Far more than I expected or deserve. Would you keep a Copy of Gazette giving all names of Staff of Exp Force.

I do so long to have a peep at you in the little house, hope Mrs Clue is doing you well. Charlie writes your journey was exciting. I always thought it would be with Rhoda & her car. Dinner time not bad cook. Hope to learn how to make omelette before long –

All my love, my darling, one & kisses for Betty
Yr own Jimmie

With envelope addressed to Mrs Dick Cunyngham, Mount View, Crownhill S.O., S. Devon. England. Redirected to 72 Overstrand Mansions, Prince of Wales Rd, Battersea Park, London S.W. Signed Dick Cunyngham. Passed Army Censor No 224. Postmarked ARMY POST OFFICE 42 dated SP 6 14. Also postmarked Crownhill 7.30 p.m 16 Sp 14.

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