Dick-Cunyngham letter to wife dated 31 Aug 1914

Dick-Cunyngham letter to wife dated 31 Aug 1914

My darling one,

I have had some rest at last & feel more lively – I was almost overcome one day with fatigue & loss of sleep. I had only 40 min on the floor in 48 hours, & started off without any breakfast or sleep on a long days work – result, I couldn’t ride because I fell forward in the saddle. I couldn’t walk except like a drunken man, so I got on hanging on to a stirrup leather – Times have been hard and sorrowful, I have not seen or heard any authentic news of the Regt: and am in great anxiety – The Weather is dreadfully hot & oppressing – we manage to find fairly comfy quarters, one night in a beautiful Chateau, all furnished and we had an excellent dinner, commandeering some champagne & old Brandy to revive us.

I have not seen any casualty list, fear many friends have gone, and it must take time before lists are full & complete. A good many are turning up – Darling one I fear this is a dreadful anxiety for you all at home, I honestly hope the worst is over, but with such a huge front for Armies to work over it will probably take time.

Our letters have not been very good – only about 2 posts so far, somehow we never seem to settle down into working the post.

Have seen Weir, Charlton, Kay, & many other S.C. officers – I wish I could see the Regt & find out all about them.

Send me some more cigarettes & a small box of Harrod’s No 1 club cigar when you can I am out I find & don’t care for a pipe in this heat – I slept out last night & found it quite warm. Straw makes an excellent bed – I have found this paper in a case handed to me today so am making use of it.

My precious one, don’t be anxious I am very fit & as happy as can be. I still picture you in the little cottage – where you will be surrounded with sympathetic friends – I am writing to Mother now as we are waiting for orders

All my love to you both
Your devoted


With envelope addressed to Mrs Dick Cunyngham, Mount View, Crownhill S.O., S. Devon. England. Endorsed No stamps available. Signed Dick Cunyngham. Postmarked ARMY POST OFFICE 42 AU 31 14. Also London Paid 8 SP 14

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