(2nd Series).
September 10th, 1917.
1. (a) The Fifth Army is resuming the offensive on a date to be notified later.
(b) 20th Division will attack on XIV Corps Front with 60th Infantry Brigade on right, and 59th Infantry Brigade on left. 61st Infantry Brigade will be in reserve.

2. The proposed objectives and boundaries are shewn on the map issued to Commanding Officers at Brigade Conference.

3. Artillery programme will be issued later.

4. The 60th Infantry Brigade will attack with 12th R.B. on right, 6th Oxford & Bucks L.I. on left, 6th K.S.L.I. in support, and 12th K.R.R.C. in reserve.

5. 60th T.M. Battery will be prepared to send forward at ZERO hour, 2 guns and at least 150 rounds to assist the advance and subsequent consolidation.

6. The following will be the amount of munitions to be carried:-
Rifle Section. 170 rounds S.A.A., 2 Mills, (Hand).
Bombing Section. 120 rounds S.A.A., 9 Mills (hand), and 3 Mills (rifle).
Two men of each Section carry instead of above, 120 rounds S.A.A, 10 Mills (hand), and 1 Pain’s Smoke candle.
Rifle Grenade Section. 120 rounds S.A.A. 7 smoke P.G. (No 27), and five Hales R.G. (No 24).
Lewis Gun Section. 50 rounds S.A.A. (or 24 rounds revolver ammunition) 2 men carry the gun, spare parts etc., and 5 men each carry 4 drums.
T.M. Battery. 50 rounds S.A.A.

P.M. Broadmead Captain,
A/Brigade Major,
60th Infantry Brigade.
Copies to:-
6th Oxford & Bucks L.I.
6th K.S.L.I.
12th K.R.R.C.
12th Rifle Brigade.
60th M.G. Coy.
60th T.M. Battery.
60th Bde. Signal Section R.E.
20th Division “G”
Staff Captain
59th Infantry Brigade.
61st Infantry Brigade.
War Diary
War Diary.
83rd Field Coy. R.E.

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