SECRET. Copy No……
27th August 1916.



Reference –
Trench Map, LONGUEVAL Sheet 57c, S.W. – 1/10,000

Attack 1. The Fourth Army in conjunction with the French is renewing the attack on September 3rd at an hour ZERO to be named later.

Corps objective. 2. The XIV Corps is to clear GUILLEMONT and establish itself on the line FALFEMONT Farm – WEDGE WOOD – GINCHY Road up to T.20.a.1.5.
This attack will be carried out by the 20th Division on the left and the 5th Division on the right.

5th Division Objective 3. The 5th Division will attack FALFEMONT FARM and the trenches to the South of it up to point 48 at 9.0 a.m.

Objective, 20th Division. 4. The 20th Division will capture GUILLEMONT, clear it and then establish itself on the WEDGEWOOD-GINCHY Road from T.26.a.1.7. on the right to T.20.a.1.5. on the left. Finally it will establish itself on a line – N.W. corner of LEUZE WOOD T.26.b.8.8½. (exclusive) – T.20.a.6.5. where touch will be established with the 5th and 7th Divisions respectively.

Boundaries between divisions. 5. The dividing line between the 20th and 5th Divisions will be:-
S.30.d.5.8 ½. – T.25.a.3½.2. – Strong Point T.25.b.1.5. (inclusive to 20th Division) T.26.a.1.7. – N.W. corner LEUZE WOOD T.26.b.8.8 ½.
The dividing line between the 20th and 7th Divisions will be:-
S.24.b.8½. – T.19.b.2.6. – T.20.a.1.5. – 6.5.

Boundaries between Brigades. 6. The 59th Infantry Brigade and 1 Battalion 60th Infantry Brigade will attack on the right and the 47th Infantry Brigade on the left.
The dividing line between the 59th and 47th Infantry Brigades will be:-
S.24.d.7.1 ½. – Road junction T.20.d.2 ½.5½. – GUILLEMONT – COMBLES Road to T.20.d.2½.5½. (latter point inclusive to right Brigade).

Brigades’ objectives. 7. The objectives allotted to the Brigades are as follows and shewn on the attached map marked ”A” –
(a) 59th Infantry Brigade.
1st Objective – German trenches in Sunken Road from T.25.a.3 ½.3. to T.25.a.2.7½. thence North to MOUNT STREET.

2nd objective. – Trench junction T.25.b.1.4½. (incl) thence SOUTH STREET as far as MOUNT STREET.

3rd objective. – WEDGE WOOD – GINCHY Road from T.26.a.1.7.to cross roads T.20.c.1½.4 ½. (incl) touch being established with 5th Division and the right and 47th Infantry Brigade on the left.

4th objective. – N.W. corner LEUZE WOOD (exclusive), T.26.b.8.8 ½. – GUILLEMONT – COMBLES Road – T.20.d.2½.5½. (incl).

(b) 47th Infantry Brigade.
1st objective – MOUNT STREET at T.19.c.2.2. – Eastern end of QUARRIES – thence German trench to T.19.c.2½.9. – thence BROMPTON Road to T.19.a.8.2. – T.19.a.9.1.

2nd objective – NORTH STREET – T.19.a.9.1. – GINCHY Road, including buildings South of road T.19.c.9.9., – to T.19.b.2.6. where touch will be established with the 7th Divn.

3rd objective – WEDGE WOOD – GINCHY ROAD from cross roads T.20.c.1½.4 ½. (excl) to T.20.a.1.5., where touch will be established with 7th Division.

4th objective – T.20.d.2½.5½. (excl) – T.20.a.6.5.

(c) The advance from the first to the second objective will commence at 0 plus 50.
The advance from the second to the third objective will commence at 0 plus 2 hours.
The advance from the third to the fourth objective will commence at 0 plus 2 hours 45 minutes.
Consolidation of gains.
(d) On gaining each objective they will be consolidated and strong points will be established at the following points:-
Right Brigade.
On 2nd objective – T.25.b.1.5.
On 3rd objective – T.20.c.1 ½.4½. and CEMETERY, T.19.d.7.3.
On 4th objective – QUARRY T.20.d.2.1.
Road T.20.d.2.5.
Left Brigade
On 1st objective – QUARRIES.
T.19.a.9.1. to 8.2.
On 2nd objective – T.19.c.9.4.
On 3rd objective – T.20.a.1.2.
On 4th objective – Trench junction T.20.a.6.5.
Reserve at disposal of Brigades (e) Immediately the objectives are reached Bdes will push forward patrols to establish under cover of these patrols a line in touch with Divs on the Right and Left as near as possible to the German positions.

(f) For the capture of the 3rd objective 2 bns of the 61st Inf Bde in reserve will be available to be placed at the disposal of 59th and 47th Bdes if required (para 11) but these Bdes will make their preparations for capturing the 3rd objective without having to call on the reserve.

(g) It may be necessary to employ the two rear battalions of the Divisional Reserve for the final objective, but this will depend on whether the 59th and 47th Brigades have used the two Reserve Battalions from the Divisional Reserve to gain the 3rd objective.

Bombardment 8. (a) The attack will be preceded by a bombardment by heavy artillery, commencing at 8 a.m. on morning of September 2nd.
(b) During this bombardment certain trenches may have to be cleared from time to time and arrangements for this will be made between XIV Corps H. A. and 20th Division.
Barrages (c) Fifty per cent of the Field Artillery guns in the division will be employed for stationary barrages and 50 per cent for rolling barrages.
Details of the stationary barrages are shewn on the attached map marked “B”.
(d) At Zero an intense Field Artillery barrage will open on the first objective. This barrage will lift as shewn on the attached map marked ”B”. At the same hour a creeping barrage will be opened one hundred yards in front of the infantry and will advance at the rate of fifty yards per minute in front of the infantry until the objective is reached. When this barrage has passed 200 yards beyond the objective it will become stationary.
Whenever the creeping barrage reaches the stationary barrage, the stationary barrage will lift on to the next barrage line, i.e. the next colour in front of it on the map.
An intensive rate will be continued for fifteen minutes when fire will drop to two rounds a minute per gun.
The barrage on BROMPTON ROAD, objective of Left Battalion, Left Brigade, will lift at ZERO 4 in stead of ZERO 3. the remainder of the barrage will lift at ZERO 3 as ordered.

(e)At the hour of Zero, all heavy howitzers will lift from GUILLEMONT.

Six inch howitzers will continue on the objectives in GUILLEMONT, east of GREEN STREET, HILL STREET and the German trench line from T.25.a.8.7½. to WEDGE WOOD.
(f) At Zero plus 50 the Field Artillery barrage will again become intensive and the infantry will advance to their 2nd objective, and the same procedure as ordered in para. (d) will again be followed.
An intensive rate will be continued for fifteen minutes, when fire will drop to two rounds a minute per gun.

(g) The heavy howitzers and six inch howitzers will, after zero plus 50, not fire on any parts of the third objective except the CEMETERY, and WEDGE WOOD – GUILLEMONT Road, between T.26.a.1.1. and T.20.a.1.5.

(h) At zero plus two hours the Field Artillery barrage will again become intensive and the infantry will advance to the third objective.

(i) The barrage on WEDGE WOOD – GINCHY Road in front of 20th Division will lift at 2 hours 15 minutes and not at 2 hours 25 minutes as shewn on Map ”B”.

An intense rate of fire will be maintained for 25 minutes.

(j) To enable the 4th attack to be made the barrage will again become intensive at Zero plus 2 hours 45 minutes. The creeping barrage will advance at the rate of 50 yards per minute until it has passed 200 yards beyond its final objective.

(k) Detailed orders for the action of the Field Artillery will be issued by the C.R.A. 24th Division (attached to 20th Division).

The movements of the Infantry will conform to the rolling barrages, it being essential that they get up close under the barrage and move along under it.

Pusher mine etc. 9 A “pusher” mine under the strong point at S.30.b.7.1. will be exploded at 0 – 10 seconds and the Flammenwerfer will open fire at the same hour if in position. The front trench will be cleared for 20 yards on either side of SCOTTISH LANE.

R.E. and Pioneers 10. The 96th Field Coy. R.E. and one Coy. Pioneers are placed at the disposal of the G.O.C. 59th Infantry Brigade and 83rd Field Coy. and 1 Coy. of Pioneers at the disposal of G.O.C. 47th Infantry Brigade.
These troops will be used mainly for the construction of strong points and for connecting back the various objectives with communication trenches.

Machine Guns 11. Brigadiers will select positions for their machine guns to cover the advance with either direct or indirect fire.
The 61st Machine Gun Company will also co-operate in the attack by bringing direct and indirect machine gun fire on to the enemy’s approaches to the objectives.

Divl Reserve. 12. The Divl. Reserve will consist of:-
61st Inf. Bde. – Headquarters S.28.b.6.7.
60th Bde. (less one Battn) – H.Qrs. The Craters.
11th Durham L.I. (Pioneers) less 2 Coys.) Trenches W. edge of
84th Field Coy R.E. )BERNAFAY WOOD

At Zero the G.O.C. 61st Inf. Brigade will send 2 Bns. forward to occupy trenches vacated by 59th and 47th Infantry Brigades near the front line. The two Bns. will be prepared to carry out the attack on the 3rd objective from the 2nd objective at 0 2 hours, for which purpose one bn would be placed at disposal of G.O.C. 59th and G.O.C. 47th Inf. Bdes. Respectively.

The G.O.C. 61st Inf. Brigade will keep in close touch with the 59th and 47th Infantry Brigades and will be prepared to act on his own initiative failing communication with Divisional Headquarters.

Note. ADD. Within the boundaries of GUILLEMONT Village creeping barrages will advance at the rate of 100 yards per 4 minutes.

(a) The 60th Inf. Bde. will not move forward from the CRATERS until ordered to do so by Divisional Headquarters.

(b) This Brigade will keep the closest touch with the 61st Inf. Bde. and will be prepared to occupy the trenches vacated by the 61st Inf. Bde. as the latter moves forward from its first battle position.

(c) The 60th Inf. Bde. will not be used except to resist a counter attack on the final objective or to meet any sudden emergency.

(d) The Brigadier, O.Cs. Battns. and Signalling Officers must reconnoitre all the approaches to GUILLEMONT and the several objectives.

(e) G.Os.C. 60th and 61st Inf. Bdes. will detail liaison officers who will move with Brigade H.Qrs.

(f) Visual signalling must be established between the two Brigades.

Aeroplane Co-operation. 13. The 9th Squadron R.F.C. will have two contact aeroplanes in the air from ZERO until three and a half hours after ZERO; after that one contact aeroplane until dark on September 3rd.
On the 4th September they will detail one contact aeroplane from 5.30 a.m. to 8 a.m.

Flares will be lit as follows:-
(a) On attaining each objective.
(b) At 7 p.m. September 3rd.
(c) At 6 a.m. September 4th.

The contact aeroplanes may be recognised by their markings of two long blue streamers, one attached to the end of each plane, and two transverse black bands on the plane, one near each end of the coloured circles.

YELLOW flares will be used, as it is believed the Germans may use RED to mislead us.

Tools for assaulting parties. 14. At least 40 per cent of the attacking Coys. will carry picks and shovels in the proportion of one pick to one shovel.
Men assaulting will not carry more than 120 rounds of ammunition.

Prisoners. 15. All prisoners will be sent to the Divisional Collecting Station at CRATER POST (A.8.a.8.3.) where they will be searched under arrangements of the A.P.M. 20th Divn.
From where they will be marched to the Advanced Corps Cage (F.23.d.0.4.) for preliminary examination.

Medical. 16. Separate detailed instructions have been issued with regard to medical arrangements.
Bearer Posts.
Left Brigade – BERNAFAY WOOD – S.22.d.9.1.
Right Brigade – BRIQUETERIE, A.4.b.5.3.

Adv. Dressing Station – CARNOY A.13.d.3.8.
Walking Cases. Through MONTAUBAN or BRIQUETERIE to A.D.S.

Reports. 17. Reports as to position and progress will be sent every ½ hour after ZERO unless runners and pigeons are the only means of communication, in which case information will be sent as often as possible. In any case important information will be sent at once.
Negative reports are required.

Distinguishing Badges. 18. Runners will wear distinguishing badges on their shoulder straps as follows:-
20th Division – BLUE.
47th Inf. Bde. – GREEN.
Orders will be issued to all control sentries to pass through priority all men wearing these badges.

Time. 19. Watches will be synchronised at 6.0 p.m., on 2nd September and 6.0 a.m. and 9.0 a.m. on September 3rd.
D.H.Qrs. 20. On the capture of the final objective, 20th Divl, H.Qrs will move forward to the BRIQUETERIE.
21. Acknowledge.

(sd) C.A. MILWARD, Major, for Lieut.Colonel,
General Staff, 20th Division.

Issued at

Copies to
1 XIV Corps (G),
2 XIV Corps (Q),
3 5th Division,
4 7th Division
5 16th Division,
6 C.R.A. 24th Division,
7 C.R.A. 6th Division,
8 C.R.E.
9 59th Inf. Brigade,
10 60th Inf. Brigade,
11 61st Inf Bde.
12 11th Durham L.I.,
13 A.D.M.S.
14 A.A. & Q.M.G.
15 A.P.M.
16 XIV Corps H.A.
17 20th Signal Coy.
18 9th Squadron R.F.C.
19/22 Retained.
47th Infantry Brigade.

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