APPENDIX A. (PHASE I.) 5 August 1917



Hour Gun 62nd Brigade 63rd Brigade 48th Brigade Trench Mortars Rates of fire
8.15 am to 6.15 pm 4.5” How STRAP Trench O.2.d.95.15. to O.8.b.80.35. LONG Trench O.8.b.70.45. DEVILS Trench O.2.b.30.60. to 45.15. 2” T.M. ARROW Trench I.32.c.20.25. to I.32.c.35.05.
M.G. at I.32.c.30.35.
DEVIL and LONG Trenches O.2.b.30.45. to O.2.d.75.30 and O.8.b.95.95 to 70.45.
SPOON Tr. O.2.d.75.00. to O.8.b.70.45.
STRAP Tr. O.8.b.70.30. to O.8.d.35.20.
9.45” T.M. BUCKLE Trench O.9.a.20.45. to O.8.d.70.90.
STRAP Tr. O.8.d.4.5.
Trench O.8.d.85.10. 4.5” Howitzers.
90 rds per B’ty per hour.
18 prs.
80 rds per B’ty per hour.
2” T.M.
10 rds per Mortar per hour.
9.45” T.M.
60 rounds – total.
18 pr. Bursts of searching fire in own zones and on likely hostile O.Ps., including those at –

O.9.c.20.98. O.3.c.58.80. I.32.d.95.05.
O.9.d.61.36. O.3.a.20.72.
11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Practice barrage as per Appendix A., III, with the following exceptions –
18 prs will carry out two lifts only, i.e. to line “plus 3 to plus 4” and then return to first barrage for one minute.
4.5” Howitzers will return to their normal tasks after 5 minutes.

4.5” Howitzers and Trench Mortars will register their targets between 7 a.m. and 8.15 a.m.

Between 8.15 a.m. and 9.15 a.m. Trench Mortars will cease fire. 4.5” Howitzers will slacken fire in order not to interfere with 6” Hows registration.

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