12th Divisional Artillery Order No. 58. 5 August 1917

23rd A.F.A. Bde.
For Information
CCS **** B.M.

SECRET. Copy No.22.

12th Divisional Artillery Order No. 58.

Ref. – Trench Map MONCHY,
1/10,000. 5th August,1917

1. Reference 12th Divisional Order No. 184 dated 3rd August, 1917 and 12th Divisional Artillery Warning Order No. 1 dated 2nd August, 1917, the Time Table and Tasks for 12th Divisional Artillery will be as set down in Appendix A, Phases I, II and III, and Maps attached.

2. The front held by the Infantry during Phases I and II is shewn on maps by thickened blue lines.
By 7.45 p.m. all the HOOK Trench Saps except ‘G’ Sap will have been recouped.

3. The 7th Suffolk Regt. will raid the enemy’s trenches South of INFANTRY LANE (inclusive).
The East Surrey Regt. North of INFANTRY LANE to O.2.b.40.40.
The BUFFS from O.2.b.40.40. to I.32.c.80.20.

The area to be raided is shaded black on map, Phase III.

4. The Artillery support for the raid will be as follows –
From 7.45 p.m. to 7.47 p.m. an intense barrage by 18 prs on the S.O.S. line, backed by a 4.5 inch barrage 200 yards beyond, with the 2 inch Trench Mortars engaging THE MOUND.
The Infantry move up under the barrage.
At 7.47 p.m. the 18 pr. barrage lifts at the rate of 100 yards a minute and the 4.5 inch barrage lifts direct to protective barrage line.
The 2 inch Trench Mortars cease fire.
The Infantry attack.

At 8.40 p.m. the Infantry will have returned to their original line with the exception of posts established temporarily at –
STRAP Trench about O.8.b.55.00.
Junction of CARBINE LANE and STRAP Tr. about O.8.b.75.30.
Junction of VINE AVENUE and SPOON Tr. about O.8.b.8.8.
Junction of LONG Tr. and INFANTRY LANE about O.2.d.70.59.
These posts are shewn on Map, Phase III, by black circles.

At 9 p.m. Brigades will revert to ordinary night lines, with the exception of 62nd, 63rd and 48th Brigades, who will regulate their fire according to the above dispositions until they receive information that the posts have been withdrawn.

5. Liaison. Lt. Col. WYNNE will be at H.Q., 35th Inf. Bde.
“ COATES “ H.Q. 37th “
Battalion Liaison Officers will be provided as follows –
62nd Bde. 7th Suffolks.
63rd Bde. 7th E. Surreys (H.Q. O.1.d.65.30.)
48th Bde. 6th Buffs (H.Q. I.31.c.3.0.).

In Phase III, 35th Infantry Brigade will be supported by the 251st, 62nd and 63rd Brigades. The 37th Infantry Brigade by the 48th and 23rd Brigades.

During Phase III the 62nd and 63rd Brigades will each arrange to have a F.O.O. in the front system of trenches.

6. Each Brigade will detail one 18 pr battery to respond to ‘GF’ and ‘LL’ calls. These batteries will fire on all calls within range (60 rounds T.S. per battery).

7. A senior officer from each Brigade will watch the practice barrages at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., and will report at once whether any gaps exist and on the height of bursts of the shrapnel.

8. During the registration of 2 inch Trench Mortars between 7 a.m. and 8.15 a.m., Groups will give them covering fire with 18 prs and 4.5” Howitzers will engage any hostile Trench Mortars which open fire.

9. Accommodation for reliefs for Medium and Heavy Trench Mortar personnel has been arranged at the following points –
O.14.a.2.8. – 9 men.
O.8.a.7.6. – 9 men.
O.2.d.12.37. – 6 men.
O.2.c.3.6. – 9 men.

10. During Phases I and II, 4.5 in. Howitzer batteries will rest one section at a time for cooling and overhaul by fitters.

11. An officer from each of the 62nd, 63rd and 48th Brigades, R.F.A., and from each Trench Mortar Battery (including Stokes) will report at H.Q., 35th Infantry Brigade (N.10.d.5.7.) at 6 p.m. August 7th to synchronise watches.
Watches will be synchronised with Heavy Artillery and flank Divisional Artilleries at 7.30 p.m. August 7th, and 12 Noon August 8th.


C.A. Clowes Major,
Brigade Major, 12th D.A.

Copies to –
62nd Bde. R.F. A. (5)
63rd Bde. R.F.A. (5)
48th Bde. A.F.A. (5)
12th Division (G) (4)
4th D.A. (3)
50th D.A. (2)
H.A., XVII Corps.
R.A., XVII Corps.
War Diary & File.

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