SECRET. Copy No. 18.

19th July, 1918.

1. (a). All tactical reports, messages etc., will be forwarded to HAUTEVILLERS (Advanced Corps Headquarters) from 12 midnight tonight (19th/20th July) onwards until further orders.
(b). Corps Headquarters (Rear) will close at VERTUS at 10 8 a.m. tomorrow July 20th and will reopen at AY at the same hour.

2. XXII Corps Mounted Troops (less troops attached to Divisions) will be assembled immediately West of AY by 8 a.m. tomorrow July 20th.

3. The following arrangements will be made for co-operation with the R.A.F.:-
The 82nd Squadron R.A.F. will send a Contact Patrol over the line at Zero Hour and afterwards at two hour intervals.
Troops will signal their location by waving their helmets.

4. (a). Divisions will establish a dropping ground at ST IMOGES marked XI.
Corps dropping station will be established at AY or HAUTVILLERS marked XII.

(b) Infantry Brigade Headquarters are allotted the following code letters for aeroplane co-operation:-

51st Division. 62nd Division.
152nd Infantry Brigade. – “A” 185th Inf. Bde. – “H”
153rd “ “ – “E” 186th “ “ – “K”
154th “ “ – “F” 187th “ “ – “L”
These letters (in white ground strips) will be displayed:-
(i). To indicate to passing Contact Planes, the position of Headquarters. The plane will acknowledge by sending “RD” on the Klaxon Horn.
(ii). In response to a plane sounding the respective Code Letter on the Klaxon Horn. Planes will sound the Code Letter when they require to locate a Brigade, or for the purpose of dropping messages.
(c). In the event of Brigades wishing to signal by means of the Popham Panel, above Call Letters in strips will be placed near the Panneau. All messages received from Panneau will be dropped by plane at Corps Headquarters, Addressed “To” and “From” are unnecessary.

5. Acknowledge by wire.

C.W. Gwynn
B.G., G.S.,
XXII Corps.
Issued at 6.30 p.m. to:-
Copy No 1 War Diary.
2. G.S. File
3. A.D.C
4 & 5 G.O.C., R.A.
6. “Q”
7. “A”
8. C.E.
9. A.D. Signals
10. D.D.M.S.
11. Ig.
12. A.P.M.
13. G.H.Q. South.
14. British Mission G.A.C.
15. 51st Division.
16. 62nd Division.
17 & 18. XXII Corps Mtd Troops.
18. 82nd Squadron R.A.F.
19. British Mission Fifth French Army.
20. B.G., H.A., XXII Corps.
21. A.D.O.S.
22, 23 & 24 S.M.T.O.

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