SECRET. Copy No. 13


19July, 1918

1. In accordance with orders received from Fifth French Army (a copy of which has been given to Divisions concerned), the XXII Corps will attack to-morrow (20th July) on both banks of the River ADRE.

2. The attached map shows assembly position, objectives and Corps and Divisional boundaries.

3. The 62nd Division will be on the right and the 51st Division will be on the left. The River ADRE will form the dividing line between Divisions.

4. The attack will start at Zero hour, which will be notified later communicated separately

5. The attack will be covered by a creeping barrage provided by the artillery now in the line.
The Divisional Artilleries of the 51st and 62nd Divisions will support the attack beyond the limits of range of the artillery finding the barrage.

6. The rate of barrage will be 100 metres in 4 minutes. It will halt for 20 minutes 150 metres in front of the line marked in GREEN on the attached map.

7. The Corps Mounted Troops will be in Corps Reserve and each Division will hold one Battalion in reserve which will not be used without reference to Corps H.Q.

8. A joint Divisional Headquarters will be established at ST IMOGES.

9. Advanced Corps Headquarters will be established at HAUTVILLERS from 12 midnight to-night 19th July.

10. ACKNOWLEDGE by wire.
C.W. Gwynn
B.G., G.S.
XXII Corps
Issued at 3 p.m. to:-
Copy No 1 War Diary 7 C.E. 13 82nd Squad R.A.F.
2 G.S. File 8 G.H.Q. (South) 14 Brit Mission 5th Fr Army
3 A.D.C. 9 Brit Mission G.A.C. 15 A.D. Sigs
4 G.O.C., R.A. 10 51st Division 16 D.D.M.S.
5 ‘Q’ 11 62nd Division 17Ig.
6 ‘A’ 12 XXII Corps Mtd Tps. 18 A.P.M.

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