RIGHT GROUP. Operation Order No. 1. 21 July 1918

Copy No. 8.
RIGHT GROUP.  Operation Order No. 1.
21st July, 1917.
Reference Map PLOUVAIN Sheet 1/10,000 revised to 3/7/17.

1. A raid will be carried out by the 1st Bn. Hampshire Regt. On the night of July 24th/25th.
Limits of raid I.32.a.15.05. – I.32.a.00.30. and the M.G. emplacement at I.32.a.16.25.
2. Reference hour will be 10.30 p.m.
3. Artillery Bombardment will be as per attached Tables X and Y.
4. O.C. 23rd Brigade R.F.A. will detail a liaison officer, not below the rank of Captain, for Battalion H.Q. during the operation.
5. Watches will be synchronised from this Office by Telephone at 7 p.m.
6. Zero in minutes plus or minus Reference hour will be communicated later.


Lt. for
Lt. Col. R.F.A.
Commanding RIGHT GROUP
Issued at ………..
Copies No 1 – 4 Right Group.
Copy “ 5 4th D.A.
Copy “ 6 11th Inf. Bde.
Copy “ 7 1st Bn. Hants. Rgt.
Copy “ 8 23rd Brig R.F.A.
Copy “ 9 29th Brig R.F.A.
Copy “ 10 12th Div. Arty.
Copy “ 11 4th Div. “G”.

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