23 A.A. Brigade 20 July 1918

Headquarters 23 A.A. Brigade stamp.

SECRET. Sa/40.

O.C. Battery.

(1) Reference RIGHT GROUP Operation Order No. 1 & my Sa/37, the raid will be postponed 24 hours on account of the feared loss of 3 prisoners last night.

(2) A DUMMY raid will however take place at 10.30 p.m. on the same portion of DEVILS TRENCH, the BARRAGES being those laid down in Sa/37 (with alterations according to Sa/39).

(3) Only the portion of the Bombardment from Zero to Zero +5 will be carried out & the guns detailed for BARRAGE A will be put down at Zero on BARRAGE B covering the whole Zone of BARRAGE B.

(4) RATE of FIRE.
18 pds……. 3 rounds per gun per minute.
4.5 Hows …2 “ “ “ “ “

(5) Watches will be set by phone at 8 p.m.


V.C. Ritchie, Lt. R.F.A.
ADJUTANT 23rd A. Bde. R.F.A.

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