12th D.A.G. Artillery Programme for week ending 21st July, 1917. 15 Jul 17

SECRET. R.A. 24/35


Date Time Nature of Operation Tasks Rate of fire Remarks
July 15th to 21st. – Calibration, Tests, Datum Points, etc. 18 prs. 83 rds. per B’ty per week.
4.5” 66 rds. per B’ty per week.
Daily Throughout 24 hours. Harassing fire on approaches, communications, etc. Within Brigade zones.
Special attention being paid to trenches in 0.4.c. and along STIRRUP LANE (vide Air Photos.) 18 prs. 60 rds per B’ty per day. 4.5” Hows 19 rds per B’ty per day.
¾ of allotment by night; ¼ by day.
50% T.S., 50% H.E.
July 15th 3 p.m. to 3.10 pm Concentrated bombardment of T.M. empl: at 09.a.6.6. &0.3.c.3.5. by 4.5” and 6” Hows. 18 prs searching shell holes in vicinity for 10 mins. 4.5” Hows.
62nd Bde. )
63rd Bde. ) T.M. at O.9.a.6.6.
48th Bde.)
23rd Bde.) T.M.at O.3.c.3.5.
18 prs.
62nd & 63rd Bdes. Search shell holes between LONG and POLE Trenches and Wedge of BOIS du VERT within Bde. zones.
48th & 23rd Bdes. Search shell holes from N. & S. Grid line between Squares O.2. and O.3. East to PUPPY Trench between INFANTRY and GREEN LANES.
23rd Bde. N. of an E. and W. line thro’ O.3.c.04; 48th Bde. S. of same line.
6in. Hows. At 0.9.a.6.6. and O.3.c.3.5.
2in T.M. T.M. at O.3.c.3.5. 18 prs. – 2 rounds P.G.P.M.

4.5” Hows. –
2 rounds P.G.P.M.
Total – 1440 rounds.

Total – 480 rounds.

200 rounds.
When ordered Three concentrated bombardments of M.G. or T.M empl: when reported active. Duration of each bombardment 5 minutes. 62nd, 63rd and 48th Brigades.
18 prs and 4.5” Hows will concentrate on a T.M. or M.G. emplacement when one is reported active to either Group by Liaison Officer. 18 prs.-
2 rounds P.G.P.M.
4.5” Hows. –
1 round P.G.P.M. Ammn., for each 5 min operation – 4.5” 60 rds. (12 Hows)
18 prs 400 rds. (40 guns.)
The Group Comdr when warned by his Liaison Officer that a particular M.G. or T.M. is active will call on the other two Bdes to prepare to bombard in half an hour’s time, at the same time informing D.A.H.Q. Fire will then be opened simultaneously by all B’tys at a time telephoned from D.A.H.Q. Meanwhile the hostile M.G. or T.M. will not be engaged by any battery.

First night when weather conditions are suitable. 2 a.m. to 2.15 am Gas Shell bombardment of BOIS du SART and roads, etc on N. and S sides of it. 4.5” How. B’tys.
62nd Bde. the area I.33.c.75.50. – I.33.d.05.50. I.33.c.75.00. – I.33.d.05.00.
63rd Bde. Western portion BOIS du SART in the area I.33.c.75.00 – I.33.d.05.00. – O.3.a.95.25. – O3.b.25.25.
48th Bde. The area O.3.a.95.25. – O.3.b.25.25. – O.3.c.95.65. – O.3.d.25.65.
18 pr batteries of all Bdes.
Search same objectives.
18 prs continuing fire till 2.30 a.m. to keep enemy down in shell holes. 4.5” Hows.-
3 rounds P.G.P.M.

18 prs in bursts of fire.
Total of 60 rds per battery.

Same arrangements and code system as were issued for the projected bombardment of GREEN WORK will hold good.

Copies to –
62nd, 63rd, & 48th Bdes., D.T.M.O.
12th Divn. (G); S. Capt., 12th D.A.
R.A. & H.A. XVII Corps.
4th and 50th D.A.
R.H. Walsh
for Brigade Major, 12th D.A.

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