Brigade Major R.A., 12th Division. 13th July, 1917.

Stamp Headquarters 12th Divisional Artillery R.A. 213/2

62nd Brigade R.F.A.
63rd Brigade R.F.A.
48th A.F.A. Brigade
12th Division (G) )
4th Divl. Arty. ) For information
50th Divl. Arty. )

Reference paragraph 5 of R.A. 213/1 dated 12th July, 1917.

In addition to the fire of the Heavy Artillery in case of threatened attack on HOOK TRENCH, the following supporting fire has been arranged with flank Divisional Artilleries –

On receipt of Code Call – “ASSIST MARBLE” from 12th D.A. H.Q.

4th D.A. Will barrage from the East edge of BOIS des AUBEPINES to the West corner of BOIS du SART.

50th D.A. Will barrage STIRRUP LANE from O.8.d.7.4. to O.9 central.

C.A. Clowes
Brigade Major R.A., 12th Division. 13th July, 1917.

23rd A.F.A. Bde.

Will you please arrange for task shown for 4th D.A. to be carried out when called for if the situation on your *** front permits

C.C.S. Owen Major R.A.
B.M. 4th D.A.
*** to be altered:-

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