All possible arrangements as detailed below must be worked out beforehand, so that as soon as orders are received by S.C. “Moving warfare action” he can take the following measures, (Orders for move of Squadron to rear aerodrome will be issued by the Wing). –

1. Turn 1 Artillery Flight into a Liaison Flight.

2. Issue to Flight Commanders for distribution (if not already done) squared maps of the rear areas. These must have been previously marked up with the zones e.g. QA, QB, QC, QD or KW, KX, KY, KZ, etc. If this is not done, Pilots may get careless once they get off their C.B. Map, and will send Zone calls with the wrong Zone with disastrous results. All Pilots and Observers must be cautioned to be careful in this respect.

3. Despatch 1 Light Tender to C.W.S. with 3 Artillery, and 3 Reconnaissance Observers for attachment to Divisional Artillery, and Divisional H.Qrs.
All personnel will have two days rations, tin helmets, gas masks, and a minimum of kit (not exceeding 30 lbs).
All ranks must know what their duties are, to which unit they are attached, and where it is situated. Any spares required to complete the C.W.S. to the standard A attached (establishment of M.R.C., or A.R.C.) will be taken on this tender.
At least 20 gallons M.T. petrol, and 2 gallon M.T. oil, will be carried. A rifle and 100 rounds S.A.A. will be taken. Any spare space will be filled with aero petrol and oil.

4. Despatch 1 Light Tender and 1 motor bicycle with S.C. to Corps H.Qrs., with B.I.O., and limited staff, (2 men), and 2 Liaison Observers. This is to form the M.R.C.
Other details as above.

5. Arrangements for all aeroplanes to operate from Main Report Centre as soon as established – Pilots travelling solo to load up with petrol and oil in cans, and ammunition in drums and belts. – a fitter and a rigger with a few tools and patching material to be sent over with the first planes of each flight daily, returning at night – tail weights to be provided for solo work.

6. The administration of the Squadron must be largely left in the hands of the R.O., and E.O. – the Squadron Commanders place by day is mostly at the M.R.C., in close touch with his Corps and his aeroplanes.
J.A. C****
Lieut Colonel,
Commanding 15th Wing,
Royal Air Force.
In the Field.
Main or Advanced Report Centre.


Mast 30 Ft. complete.
Tuner, short wave Mk. III.
Canvas carrying bag.
8 Ground Strips.
125 ft. Aerial Wire.
2 Insulators.

Weight of above approx 120 lbs.

Could be packed in a space 4’ 6” x 16” x 16”

C.W. Transmitting and Receiving.

Mast 30 ft. complete.
150 ft. Aerial Wire.
2 Insulators.
3 Sets of accumulators.
Wavemeter. Hetrodyne.
H.T. Unit or H.T. Batteries.
Weight of above with H.T. unit – 163 lbs.
Weight of above using H.T. Batteries instead of H.T. unit 197 lbs.


One pair of Earth Nets would do for both stations.

1 Officer, and 4 Operators – a few spares – Time token to erect – ½ hour.
dismantle ½ hour.

1 B.I.O. and 2 Clerks for M.R.C.



1 Motor Cycle and Side car.
1 Light Tender.

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