L/Cpl Lister note July 1916

No. 28407 L/Cpl Lister P.C. – Royal Engineers –
Your orders are to report to the A.M.L.O. on duty at the S.S. “CAESAREA”, lying on the right bank of the River above the transporter Bridge at 5-30 pm. to-day.
You will embark at 5-30 pm. and proceed to England, where you will report to the O.C. R./E. Depot Chatham for disposal under W.O. Letter No 19/Releases/440(A.G.5.) dated 1-5-16.
You will hand your “Release” Form to O.C. R.E. Depot Chatham.
(Authority – D.A.G.C.R. 25300/149a 18-6-16.
G. unreadable
Captain Major
Staff Officer, Cavalry Reinforcements

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