War Diary of AA Laporte Payne June 1919

War Diary of AA Laporte Payne June 1919


Brigade Diary, Personal Diary, Operation Orders, Note Books, Memoranda

Sunday June 1 1919
D/76th R.F.A.
British Army of the Rhine.

I arrived back from leave yesterday at Cologne, and now I am living in the schloss. We move on Tuesday to another place, and then on the 14th go to practice camp on the other side of the Rhine.

I had a pleasant journey, but not so rapid as the forward one. I did not leave by the early morning train after all, as the R.T.O. told me they were running a special train and boat in the afternoon for staff and senior officers, who were returning en masse in case the Boche do not sign the Peace Treaty. I was glad of the extra few hours to do some shopping.

My ankle is much better and wearing a boot has not done it any harm.

Last week I escaped several General’s inspections. Leave has apparently been curtailed in case of trouble in Germany, so I was fortunate.

Everything here is as usual. There is a great change in the country side though. The trees and crops are much more advanced than in England.

I had pleasant company on my way. Another major was with me and a French Cavalry Major travelled up in the train with us. He seemed to be an excellent fellow, and was most interesting man.

June 9th 1919.
76th Army Brigade R.F.A.

Whit Monday
Programme. 11, a.m. to 7 p.m.

Flat Races, Tug-of-war, Long jump, 440 yds, 120 yds hurdles.
High Jump, Relay race.
Officers’ jump
V.C. Race, Alarm Race, N.C.O.’s jumping, Lloyd Lindsay Race,
Led Horse jumping, Wrestling on horseback, Band Race.

(I acted as judge of mounted events.)

June 12 1919
We have moved and I have been away on business for one or two days. Our time is spent in a round of parades, inspections, training and sports.

Our sports which we have just held were a great success. Our battery was second on points. It was a lovely day. We had a band and large tents in which lunch tea and supper were served.

Yesterday we were inspected by the G.O.C. Division and the C.R.A. The former is an excellent fellow and was most agreeable. He seemed satisfied, and all he wanted me to do was to whitewash the kitchen. I turned the whole population of the village under the Burgomaster to clean up the streets of the place in the early morning, so I am not exactly popular.

Robertson inspects us this week end. The battery was photographed the other day, but the prints are not very good.

Dinner parties are the order of the evening now. The Colonel is in bed with a bad leg caused by a fall at jumping.

The Left half of the Battery beat the Right at cricket this afternoon.

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