P.C. Lister memo re wound 25 June 1916

No. R.4/58226/16
Army Form B. 104-80A
Record Office,
R.E. Record Office CHATHAM 25/6/16 cachet.
I regret to have to inform you that a report has this day been received from the War Office to the effect that (No.) 28407 (Rank) A/L/Corporal (Name) P.C. Lister (Regiment) Royal Engineers is ill at was slightly wounded on 4th June 1916 suffering from. He remains at duty.
Any further information received in this office as to his condition or progress will be at once notified to you.
I am,
Your obedient Servant
Signature unreadable
Officer-in-Charge of Records

Mr. D.G. Lister,
12, Britannia Road,

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