Letter to Miss Dillon 23 June 1919

Letter to Miss Dillon 23 June 1919

G.S. “I”
Army of Black Sea,
23rd June 1919

My dearest Lillie,
On Saturday I went for a trip up the Bosphorus right as far as the Black Sea and landed at Karak on the Asiatic side of the Bosphorus where there is an old Genoese fortress on a hill. I walked up the hill and had a great view across the Black Sea which by the way is almost a paler sky-blue than the Adriatic.
On Sunday afternoon I went to the Bazaars with my young pal who came to lunch with me, and then we went up the Golden Horn.
If I am still here next Saturday I will go to Prinkipo for the weekend. That is the island where the Bolsheviks were invited to meet and confer. It is a beautiful place I believe.
I have only had one letter from you and one from Anna yet, and I have written so often. Why don’t you write? I wish I were in London to-night when you are celebrating Peace. There is not much in the way of festivity here. I am hoping every day to get a move on. There is nothing in Constantinople except St Sophia and the Bazaars, but the Bosphorus of course is wonderful. I had a letter from Miss Wilson from S. Africa yesterday. Do you remember her at Lexham Gardens?
Best love to you & Anna
from Willie

With cover O.A.S. to Miss de C. Dillon, M.T. RASC., No 1 Reserve Depot, Grove Park, Lee. London S.E. 12.

Postmarked ARMY POST OFFICE Y dated 24 JU 19 and stamped PASSED BY CENSOR 490. Signed W. Dillon Lieut.

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