21st Divisional Artillery Instruction 23 June 1916

21st Divisional Artillery Instruction 23 June 1916

15/CA 10/32/1.


Reference to Appendix 1 of 15/CA 10/32 dated 14th June 1916. Table G.

On Z day, no fire will be brought to bear on QUADRANGLE TRENCH, North of point X.22.ab.65.40 after 1.25 hours (85 minutes) after Zero. Up to this hour a heavier fire must be kept up on the portion of QUADRANGLE TRENCH, between X.22.ab.65.40. and X.22.ab.6.8., by batteries told off to deal with this trench.

There is no change in the orders with regard to that portion of the trench which lies SOUTH of X.22.ab.65.40EAB.

E.W. Alexander
Brigadier General., R.A., XV Corps.
23rd June 1916

Copies to:- 7th Division
21st Division
21st Division Art’y
XV Corps (3 copies)
XV Corps Heavy Art’y
FILE. (2 copies)

Copy of XV Corps 15/CA/10/32/1 dated 23rd June
For information. This causes no alteration in tasks, but batteries should be warned not to fire onto the forbidden ground after the hour named.

Copy for 95 & 97 & 96

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