21st Divisional Artillery Instruction 23 June 1916

21st Divisional Artillery Instruction 23 June 1916

21 Div

XV Corps 1
62 Inf. Bde. 5
63 : : 5
64 : : 5
Div. Art. 2
Div. Eng. 4
Pioneers 1
Signals 1
“Q” 3
A.D.M.S. 1
7th Div. 1
17th Div. 1
34th Div. 1
50th Bde 1

Reference 21 Div O.O. 55, Para 2 (b) (c).

A new German Trench has been dug as follows:-
QUADRANGLE Trench X.23.c.45.65. – Northern edge of BOTTOM WOOD X.29.a.1.8. – Southern edge BOTTOM WOOD X.28.b.91.27,, to RAILWAY ALLEY X.28.d.80.50.

In consequence the main second Objective of the 21st Division as given in above order is cancelled and the following substituted:-

Second Objective, 63rd Bde. X.29.b.5.6. (to connect with 7th Division) – thence along Northern edge of BOTTOM WOOD by Works 16/13 to new trench X.29.a.1.8. – along new trench to QUADRANGLE Trench X.23.c.4.5. (exclusive).

Second Objective, 64th Bde. Junction of new trench and QUADRANGLE Trench X.23.c.4.5. (inclusive) – along QUADRANGLE Trench to original Northern limit. Responsible for blocking QUADRANGLE Trench to the East.

The following advanced line will be occupied at once, and consolidated as soon as main Objective has been consolidated viz:-
63rd Bde.
X.29.b.5.6. – Work 17 QUADRANGLE WOOD to Work 18. X.23.d.05.48. (inclusive).
64th Bde.
Work 18, X.23.d.05.48 (exclusive) – QUADRANGLE Support Trench to connect with 34th Division at ACID DROP COPSE.

NOTE. This new main Objective has the following advantages:-
(a). New Trench and N. edge of BOTTOM WOOD for definite boundaries
(b). Work on the line can be carried out under cover afforded by the trench and Wood.
(c). The main line to be held is much more distinct from the advanced line than was formerly the case.
(d). The line does not form such a salient and hence is much stronger to hold.
(e). The task of 63rd Bde will be considerably simplified.


Lieut: Colonel
General Staff
21st Division

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