21st Divisional Artillery Instruction 23 June 1916

21st Divisional Artillery Instruction 23 June 1916

XVth Corps.

In connection with the impending operation, the Army Commander desires that special attention be paid to the following:-
1. The Command of the Artillery, of its groups and sub-groups together with their respective tasks and spheres of action must be clearly defined at all periods of the operations.
Changes in command and redistribution of Units sometimes lead to confusion, changes should not be made therefore without due forethought.

2. The number of guns and howitzers on each Corps Front avoids the necessity for prolonged intensive fire and allows of brief pauses for the equipment to cool.
The bombardment should be characterised by steady and well directed fire. Whilst such ammunition as circumstances demand is to be expended the importance of obtaining the best value for every round fired and the wisdom of economy in expenditure is to be impressed on all ranks.

3. An early advance not only of the Divisional but also of the Heavy Artillery is to be anticipated.
Such Heavy Artillery as is required will be moved forward with a view to effective country-battery work and to the early commencement of the second and third phases of the operations.
The proposed moves of both Divisional and Heavy Artillery should be worked out in as much detail as possible, and any instructions issued on the subject forwarded to Fourth Army.

(sd) G.L. Budworth
Major General
for M.G., G.S., Fourth Army

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