21st Divisional Artillery Instruction 23 June 1916

21st Divisional Artillery Instruction 23 June 1916

21 Div

XV Corps 1
62 Inf. Bde. 5
63 “ “ 5
64 “ “ 5
Div Art. 2
“Q” 3
50th Bde. 1

It is considered that the Germans may possibly evacuate their front trenches altogether when our bombardment commences. Patrols, which go out to examine wire, will also try to enter the German trenches to discover if this is so. If the front line is found empty they should try to get into the close support line, but patrols must remember that the artillery will only be lifted off the portion of front which they are patrolling, for two hours at a time. They should therefore arrange to get back to “NO MAN’S LAND” at any rate, before the two hours is up. Careful arrangements should be made by means of tapes or any other suitable means for ensuring that patrols find their way back to our own lines quickly.

The Corps Commander does not wish any patrolling to be done by the 50th Brigade.

The 62nd Brigade will carry out the patrolling for the 50th Brigade on X/Y and Y/Z nights under arrangements to be made between the brigades concerned.

H.E. Franklyn Captain
For Lieut-Colonel
General Staff
21st Division
23rd June 1916.

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