21st Divisional Artillery Instruction 21 June 1916

21st Divisional Artillery Instruction 21 June 1916

21 Div.

XV Corps 1 “Q” 3
62Inf. Bde. 5 A.D.M.S. 1
63 : : 5 A.P.M. 1
64 : : 5 C. Comdt. 1
Div. Art. 2 D.A.D.O.S. 1
Div. Eng. 4 7th Div. 1
Pioneers 1 17th Div. 1
Signals 1 34th Div. 1
178 Tun. Co. R.E. 1 50th Inf. Bde. 1

Reference 21 Div. O.O. 55 dated 17/6/16.

Page 6.
Para 13 (a). – Erase last sentence and add:-

“Stragglers will be sent back to the 1st Line Transport of their Brigade. here they will be given a meal and then formed up in squads and put through some exercises in arm drill and drill movements in very quick time.
Each Brigade will detail at least 2 particularly smart and strict N.C.O’s for drilling stragglers.
When the above has been completed, parties will be made up and marched to QUEEN’S REDOUBT under one of the spare Officers left behind by Battalions.
On arrival at QUEEN’S REDOUBT, the party will report to Captain Franklin, Divl. Grenadier Officer.
If not required by Captain Franklin for carrying purposes, the party will march to the H.Q. of their Brigade, whence the men will be passed on to their own units.”

Appendix D (iii) add:-
Para 6. Four new dugouts which are in line with the dugout allotted to 62nd Inf. Bde. as Advanced H.Q., will be available for Trench Mortar Batteries of 50th,62nd, 63rd, 64th Bdes.
52nd T.M. Batt. will continue to use the dugout now occupied by them.
62nd Bde. will allot the dugouts referred to above, care being taken not to take possession of any of the Medical dugouts.

Please acknowledge.

A.T. Paley
General Staff,
21st Division.

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