21st Divisional Artillery Instruction 21 June 1916

21st Divisional Artillery Instruction 21 June 1916

Copy of XV Corps No 38/3 dated 20.6.16. SECRET.

Reference XV Corps letter No. 38/3 of the 25th May, 1916.
The following points are brought to
1. The value of new identifications or of any other intelligence received during active operations depends almost entirely on the speed with which the news is transmitted.

2. Documents. Special men will be detailed to collect all documents found in enemy trenches, dug-outs, or company and regimental headquarters or in captured villages. Two men per Battalion would be a suitable number. These men will be supplied with maps showing as far as possible the position of all enemy headquarters. Two men per Battalion also will be told off for the collecting of documents from the dead.
These men will wear a yellow brassard so that they can be generally recognised as acting on special duty.
These men must be supplied with sandbags in which to place any papers collected. A notice stating where the papers were found will be placed at the top of each bag.
All documents must be sent as soon as possible to the Corps Cage via the Divisional Cages. The arrival of documents at Divisional Cage should be notified to the Intelligence Officers who may be there.

Attention is called to the following


4. Identifications. Each Brigade Headquarters in front line will report by the quickest means available the first identifications made, afterwards, only new identifications made will be reported by signal.
5. Deserters. It is likely that deserters may come over to our lines during the bombardment and every encouragement should be given them to do so. It is of great importance that unwounded prisoners should be obtained previous to Z day.
6. Civilians. During the first phase of operations probably no civilians will be met with. During the later phases any civilians met with are to be evacuated to ALBERT under instructions which are being issued by the A.P.M. XV Corps. They will there be handed over to the French Authorities.

7. Prisoners. Impending arrival, and actual arrival of prisoners at Divisional Cages is to be immediately notified to Intelligence, XV Corps Headquarters.


62 Inf Bde. )
63 “ “ )
64 “ “ )
50 “ “ ) for information.
Div. Art. )
Div. Eng. )
Capt. Franklin. )
Lieut Mitchell. )
1) Forwarded for information and action where necessary.
2) Maps showing certain known Hqs, will be sent to you (Bdes) as soon as possible.

A. Hollingworth,
General Staff.
21st Division

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