XV Corps Instruction 13 June 1916

XV Corps Instruction 13 June 1916

1/12 GX
7th Division
17th Division
21st Division


1. The attached diagram No 1 shews a pattern of STRONG POINTS suitable for occupation by one Platoon and 2 Machine Guns. It develops a large volume of fire in any direction without affording as marked a target for artillery fire and aerial observation as does a closed work. This work can be very rapidly laid out and constructed.
2. The second diagram shews how a series of such works afford each other mutual support; and how communication trenches up to and in advance of them should be traced, so as not to ‘blanket’ the fire of the works.
3. If the Supporting Works are constructed in the course of entrenching a captured position, they should lie in rear of the chain of small “posts” which mark the commencement of the new front line.
4. These “posts” are constructed at first to hold a few men and one or more machine guns rapidly dug in. They form ultimately, the pivots of a Continuous Trench Line as shewn in diagram No. 2. the same system applies to the consolidation of a Captured Trench Line, i.e. short lengths of enemy trench should be reversed for occupation by Machine Guns and a few rifles as “posts” joined up as opportunity offers.

Louis Vaughan
General Staff.
H.Q. XV Corps

For information

Please pass last named to return to this office
*** Capt
B.M. 21 DA
95 Passed *********
96 Passed 21.6.16 *****
97Returned **** Lt Col

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