Letter to Miss Dillon 24 May 1919

Letter to Miss Dillon 24 May 1919

Troop Train in Italy
24th May 1919

My dearest Lillie,
To-morrow we shall arrive at Taranto after nearly a week in the train. I have got quite used to it and am not a bit tired. There may not be any delay at Taranto, so I am writing this in the train. We have had a few very interesting halts on the way for instance at Turin where we had a few hours and yesterday at Falnza where there is a rest camp. We arrived there in time for lunch. It was a lovely place with bungalows, and a band played the well known fox trots and things on the veranda during lunch. They also played “The First Love is the Last Love”. Do you remember hearing it at the Alhambra last year? The evenings are wonderful when the fire flys come out. I have never seen such multitudes of them. The whole place sparkles with them. The sunsets have been gorgeous too. We have been along the Adriatic from Rimini which we reached last night.
Breakfast at Castelmare Adriatico this morning but no time for bathing. Rationing in the train, and these are supplemented by things we buy en route. The Italian women and children come and meet the trains at the remote stations and barter eggs and wine for bully beef and cheese &c. It is great fun really and you would laugh to see the sights.
There was a thunderstorm last night but otherwise the weather has been perfect.
25th May 1919
Arrived here this afternoon, and am to embark on the transport for Constantinople to-morrow morning. It takes four days to get there. So I shall be travelling for a fortnight when I arrive there.
Best love to you & Anna
from Willie

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