Gerald Benham’s notes from diaries April WWI

Gerald Benham’s notes from diaries

28 April Moved to Camp at Mistley.
6 “ Took over Holly House from Mrs Duffin.
7 “ Lois arrived to look over Holly House.
18 “ Met and dined with Dawes family at Mount Ephraim.
20 “ Lois Brian & Nurse arrived at Holly House.
Note. Several entries on good tennis matches at the Hemmings. Who were they!

26 April Moved from Boughton by rail to Camp at Little Clacton. Maz went to
Dolly Dawes family saw us off. Arrived Thorpe 8.21 pm. Camp 8.35
29 “ To tea with Grannie.

2 April On leave at Colchester until Saturday 6th April when I left by 8.43 train
for Liverpool St & stayed night at Great Eastern Hotel.
7 “ Reported at 1.15 pm at ALDERSHOT for Senior Officers Course.
12 “ Left by 3.20 pm from Aldershot on week end leave & returned by
evening of the 14th (Sunday)

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