20 Division memorial letter 7 April 1927

On War Office Headed Notepaper.





7th April, 1927.


45/Memorials/182 (A.G.4.a.)



With reference to War Office letter, number as above, (A.G.4.b.) dated 26th October, 1926, I am directed to enquire whether the date for the unveiling of the Memorial to the 20th Division at LANGEMARCK has yet been decided.


I am to say that it is possible to obtain permission from the Belgian Government for Officers and other ranks attending the ceremony to travel through BELGIUM in uniform or plain clothes, and without passports, provided they travel in one body, under Command of an Officer, and are in possession of identity cards furnished by this Department.


They are, however, not prepared to grant permission for Arms (other than swords for officers) to be carried in their Country on occasions of this nature.


If you desire the special facilities above referred to, the following information should be furnished not later than 6 weeks before the date the party desires to start:-

  1. Date and hour of ceremony.
  2. Name of officer to perform ceremony.
  3. Strength of the party.
  4. The date and port of departure from England.
  5. The port of arrival in Belgium.
  6. The date and port of departure from Belgium.
  7. The rank and name of the officer in charge of the party.I am,                        Your obedient Servant                                    ******* *******for Director of Personal Services.Major General Sir W. Douglas Smith KCB, KCVO.,(Cox’s Branch),
  8. On reverse in handwriting.
  9. 6, Pall Mall, S.W.1.
  10. C/o Messrs Lloyds Bank Ltd.,
  11.                                     Colonel AAG
  12.             Sir.





I have asked Major Brace who is arranging all details for the unveiling ceremony to give you the information you require, his address is 19, — — & he will write to you in the course of a day or two.


I would ask whether you would kindly arrange for a senior officer of the Belgian Army to attend the ceremony.


I have etc., etc.




U.S. of State

War Office.



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