“Preliminary Instructions for the Offensive”. 2 April 1917


42nd Inf Bde.

S 6/105 B.M.

5th Oxf & Bucks L.I.

5th Shrops L.I.

9th K.R.Rif.C.

9th Rif Brig.

42nd Machine Gun Company.

42nd Trench Mortar Battery.

8th Inf Bde.

9th Inf Bde.

41st Inf Bde.

43rd Inf Bde.

14th Division



Herewith No. 7 of “Preliminary Instructions for the Offensive”.


Please acknowledge receipt.


On account of the very secret nature of these Documents. The G.O.C. directs that none of the information contained in them should be circulated in writing to Companies and that they be kept under lock and key.


J Paget


For Bde Major,

42nd Inf Bde.

2nd April 1917


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