56 Division Instruction re Tanks 2 April 1917

56 Division Instruction re Tanks 2 April 1917


SECRET                                                                                            56TH Divn. No G.A. 125



  1. Sixteen Tanks of “D” Battalion, 1st Brigade, Heavy Branch M.G. Corps will work with VII Corps. Headquarters “D” Battalion will be in ARRAS about G.21.a. (CONVENT de NOTRE DAME).
  2. Headquarters 1st Brigade, Heavy Branch M.G. Corps will be at MONTENESCOURT.
  3. 1 Section (4 Tanks) will be allotted to the 56th Division.
  4. Each half Section (2 Tanks) will be accompanied by 1 Section of Infantry to assist them in their advance where required. These Sections will be furnished by 169th Infantry Brigade.
  5. These two Sections of Infantry will no longer be required once the BLUE LINE has been reached.
  6. The 2 Section Commanders will meet Lieut. BELL (O.C. Section of Tanks working with the Division) at Divisional Headquarters at 10.45 a.m. on April 4th.
  7. The two Infantry Sections will undergo a preliminary training with the Heavy Branch Machine Gun Company.
  8. Details re attachment will be notified later.
  9. The C.R.E. will detail an Officer to meet Lieut. BELL at 11 a.m. on 4th April at Divisional Headquarters, and will be prepared to attach this Officer and 3 R.E. N.C.O.s to “D” Battalion, should their services be required.
  10. A Map is attached shewing approximately the Tank objectives and direction of routes to them.Dotted GREEN lines show lines of advance to 2nd objective.
  11. Continuous GREEN Lines show lines of advance to 1st objective.
  12. After the capture of the BLUE LINE the Tanks will act in accordance with the orders issued to them direct by VII Corps.
  13. If Zero is at dawn, Tanks will be able to move up during Z – 1/Z night to points as close up to our Front Line as is consistent with the safety of the Infantry.
  14. Tanks will move on to the BLUE LINE following up the leading infantry and will not proceed any great distance in front of them, otherwise the Infantry will not be in a position to take advantage of the opportunities that the Tanks may create.
  1. Pakenham

Lieut-Colonel, General Staff.

Head Qrs. 56th Divn. 2nd April 1917.    P.T.O.


Copies to –

167th Infantry  Brigade.                                                       56th Div Train

168th Infantry Brigade.                                                        Div. M.G. Officer.

169th Infantry Brigade.                                                        Div. Gas Officer

VII Corps                                                                                D.A.D.O.S.

“   ”    Artillery.                                                                     4th Aust. Div. Supply Column.

“   ”   Heavy Artillery                                                          No. 2 Ammn. Sub Park.

“   ”   M.G. Officer                                                              G.O.C.

14th Division                                                                          A.D.C.

30th Division.                                                                         A.D.M.S.

C.R.A.                                                                                                “Q”

C.R.E.                                                                                                War Diary.

1/5th Cheshire Regt.                                                                        File


193rd Div. M.G. Coy.

56th Div. Signals.

1st Bde. H.B. M.G. Corps.

“D” Battalion

Lieut. BELL c/o “D” Battalion.




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