Dick-Cunyngham letter to wife dated 30 Mar 1915

Dick-Cunyngham letter to wife dated 30 Mar 1915

Our Wedding Day

My own darling one,


Must scribble a line somehow. Your 2 dear letters today.  I have kept the nice long one in my pocket all day.  Read it last night & took it to bed with me meaning to read it again but I fell asleep.  Read it again this morning – my only peaceful time to myself – viz – usual *** after breakfast!! & another dear one this morning.


Duly cake delicious arrived yesterday – had some for tea.  Am feeling wonderfully fit in spite of practically no sleep or rest – we start out 1 a.m.  General went to bed 7 p.m. – I did not get back till 8 p.m. & got up at 12.15 a.m. it’s now 9.15 p.m.!  So think I must try for a little sleep – but how could I pass this day without a line to my darling one – the dear memories of our happy times at Abagain & all the happy days we spent there.  Darling one – about the message by all means take it up but find out first how long it really take to be proficient.  Yes I think you are right there must be a great shortage of masseuse – you are sweet my darling one, always thinking of what you can do for others –  wish I could think same like – Dear Freddie’s remarks are I fear fairly true!  I have often wondered myself how Geoff & I have remained here – the old man – my nickname for him is “Systematic Joe” – has been terrible the last few days – I have worked like a slave – & he never seems satisfied – but I have refused “to kick against the pricks” – it has been hard at times – & every night I pray that I may be able to carry on and do my work as he expects – but it is very hard.  I fear he doesn’t realise things a bit – if I did all he expects I should want at least 48 hours for every 24 – my darling why should I complain on this happy day – we are having glorious weather here – the country peep from my window is very nice and the lake & moat nice blue water – I’m getting rather attached to Mont K.


All your news of Regt is most interesting, glad Johnnie Stansfeld is not bad – well my darling – sleep or work – which I wonder. Have enough work to keep me up till 12 – feel very inclined to do some more & then doss in a chair till 12.30 a.m. & then walk round trenches.


All my love precious one Yr ***        Jimmie


With envelope addressed to Mrs J. Dick Cunyngham, Heslington, Croft Road. Crowborough, England.  Signed Dick Cunyngham.  Passed by Censor No 1354 cachet.  Postmarked FIELD POST OFFICE 14.  30 MR 15.

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