George Ryan’s letter home dated 31 Mar 1915

George Ryan’s letter home dated 31 Mar 1915




31 Mar 1915


Dear M & F,


Your letter of Mar 5th received.  Thank you for the Easter Card.  It’s the first mail we’ve received direct here & it’s arrived in record time, the letters only taking 22 days.  You do not say whether you received the pound from the office; (on the 1st Mar).  I suppose you did, but please let me know.  You evidently mis-understood my letter that you were answering, it was my fault I expect: when I’ve mentioned about getting wet through I’ve meant with perspiration, not rain.  We do not have to wear our tunics now, except on Church Parade.  We wear our equipment over our shirts so it’s much cooler.  It would look funny in England, soldiers marching about in shirt sleeves, but there’s nobody round here to see us.  Of course we have to wear our tunics outside the barracks, when we are not on parade.


Well, as you see, we have not gone to Darjeeling yet & we’ve no idea yet when we are going.  It might mean that we are all going to leave here soon, but there’s no telling.  As you know was the case when we left Dinapore, we are not given a month’s notice to shift.  We shall be here one day & a few hundreds of miles away the next.  By the way it’s been rumoured this last week that we should be leaving shortly for somewhere on the Persian Gulf, but that’s all it is at present – a rumour.


We’ve had some more thunderstorms this week: they are a sight. Flashes of lightning every 3 or 4 seconds & they light up the whole place as if by a flash of a big arc lamp & it lasts for hours sometimes.  I was on guard y’day & it looked as if we were in for it again in the evening; there was a little lightening but it all blew over & turned out a glorious night.  It was lovely between 1 & 3 a.m. when I was on duty, full moon shining; all the same I thought of my nice soft bed at 8 B. Rd & so I did between 3 & 6 when I tried to get some sleep.  I gave it up about 5 & tried to catch a few of the mosquitoes that had got into my net.  You can’t sleep once one of those things get into your net.


You made my mouth water at mention of your marmalade. We have to pay 7d a tin for it here & 9d for jam.  They are only small tins.  They say they contain 1 lb but I reckon it’s a jolly short pound.


Hoping you are all well.

Love to all,


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