War Diary of 9th Canadian Artillery Brigade February 1919



From FEBRUARY 1st. – To FEBRUARY 28th.




RENAIX         1.2.19             Batteries having turned guns, technical stores, and vehicles at BAISEAUX returned to RENAIX with horses and harness leaving KAIN at 0900 hours and arriving at RENAIX at 13.30 hours.


  • Church Parade for R.C.s in Renaix Stone Church at 10.00 hours and for other denominations in Harmonie Hall, Grande Place, at the same hour. 9th Brigade CFA. supplies Town Picquet for four days commencing today.


  • Preliminary inspection of all harness and saddlery by Commanding Officer preparatory to handing in at 14.00 hours.


  • Central Store Room for all Brigade harness and saddlery selected in 31st. Battery CFA. Lines, 955 Rue Jean Nassau. Batteries all busy cleaning and oiling harness for turning in to Brigade Store Room.


  • Final inspection by Commanding Officer of all harness at 10.00 hours. In afternoon batteries turned in all harness to the store room. C.A. Smith was put in charge of all harness until called for by lorries.


6.2.19              Staff Captain ”Q” inspected harness in Brigade Store Room this morning; The Y.M.C.A. held a Cinema show in Harmonie Hall this evening.  First lot of fifty horses under Lieut. F.W. Case and Lieut. G.B. Alexander were sent to GHENT to be handed over to the Belgian authorities.


7.2.19              Part of the harness in the Brigade Store Room was taken away in two lorries at 09.00 hours.  9th Brigade Concert Party under Lieut. H.B. Devine gave first performance in Harmonie Hall at 18.00 hours.


  • Balance of harness was taken away in lorries to-day. 9th Brigade Concert Party gave second performance in Harmonie Hall at 19.00 hours. Second batch of fifty horses were sent to ALOST under Lieut. R.A. Gall and Lieut. A.D. Mason to be handed over to the Belgian authorities.


RENAIX           9-2-19           Church Parade for R.C.s in Renaix Stone Church at 10.00 hours and Other Denominations in Harmonie Hall at same hour


  • 9th Brigade Concert Party gave a third performance in Harmonie Hall this afternoon at 14.00 hours. M.C.A. gave a Cinema Show in the same hall this evening.


11-2-19            Details for the demobilisation of the balance of the Brigade arrived to-day.  Everybody busy packing and getting documents ready for the move.


12-2-19            First draft consisting of 1 Officer and 56 men per battery and 2 men from Headquarters left RENAIX at 06.30 hours by lorry to entrain at BAISEAUX for LE HAVRE.  190 All Ranks left RENAIX by lorry at 13.00 hours for KAIN where they will stay for the night and march to BAISEAUX tomorrow morning.


13-2-19            Leave party of 3 Officers and 104 Other Ranks left RENAIX for BAISEAUX by lorry at 06.30 hours.

Party at KAIN left there at 07.30 hours to march to BAISEAUX. Demobilisation train arrived six hours late.  Finally left BAISEAUX en route for LE HAVRE at 17.00 hours.  Party of 1 Officer and 40 Other Ranks per battery left in RENAIX to look after balance of horses until handed over.  They will proceed on leave when horses are finally disposed of.


14-2-19            Brigade on train en route for LE HAVRE.


15-2-19            Arrived at LE HAVRE at 06.00 hours, 22 hours late.  The trip was made in box cars but each car was supplied with plenty of straw and fuel.  The Y.M.C.A. had a box car in which they installed a Canteen, so that in addition to the rations the Unit was able to enjoy Canadian Fruit and Biscuits on the way down.


16-2-19            Day was spent in getting ready for embarkation.  Bath Parades were held, and documents completed for embarkation.


17-2-19            Brigade was warned for embarkation to-night but no boat was available.


18-2-19            Embarked at 21.00 hours and sailed *****


WEYMOUTH 19-2-19           Arrived at WEYMOUTH 09.00 hours and entrained for MILFORD Station at 11.00 hours.  Arrived at MILFORD Station at 16.30 hours and march to Witley Camp.


WITLEY CAMP 20-2-19       First batch of documents received from Area Records Clearing House this morning.  Documentation commenced and men got ready for Medical Board.

21-2-19            First Lot of 260 men ready for Medical Board.


22-2-19            First 260 men Medically Boarded this morning.


23-2-19            Second lot of 46 men Medically Boarded this morning.



24-2-19            First 300 men boarded were sent on eight days Embarkation Leave.  Documents for 13 Officers completed and 10 Officers Medically Boarded.


25-2-19            Large batch of documents arrive from Area Records Clearing House.  Documentation of Brigade now almost complete.


26-2-19            Balance of men available sent on eight days leave to-day.


27-2-19            Last of men left at Horse Demobilisation Camp, RENAIX reported back from eight days leave.


28-2-19            Usual routine.  Documentation proceeding satisfactorily.



Commanding, 9th Canadian Artillery Brigade

The War Diary Ends here.







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