Report on Raid 27 February 1917

Report on Raid 27 February 1917


Between pages 40/41.


Report of attempted Raid by Enemy on night 25/26 February 1917 on right Company sector & action taken by left Coy.


At 12.35 a.m. my H.Q. sentry reported a succession of green very lights being fired from the front line.


I immediately investigated the matter & decided that the S.O.S. was required. I fired 3 rockets (green) which all failed to ascend the sticks being stuck in the mud.


I loosened the 4th which was quite satisfactory.


I then saw that the bombardment was more intense on my right than my left & accordingly wired S.O.S. Boyaux 6 (1.40 am)


I had previously in the evening discussed the question of a raid on the right coy & the factors pointing to it with 2/Lt Shury & I had thought that the bombardment at dawn 24/25 was directed in a line from Boyaux 6 to S of junction OLD BOOTS & MUNSTER PARADE which lead me to suppose that it was the N edge of a box barrage.


I sent accordingly a verbal message over the phone. The message sent arrived thus “From Mr GREEN he thinks C Coy are getting it”.


I then sent 2 orderlies to MUNSTER TUNNEL to ascertain the situation. They reported all clear.


I then went to O.C. A. Coy & obtained from him a squad 1 officer, 1 N.C.O. & 11 men issued them with Mills No 5 & ordered them to proceed up MUNSTER TUNNEL & establish connection with RAILWAY SAPS POSTS & left Right of Coy & if all clear to return & report to me.


I then ordered 2 Lt Shurry to go to O.C. A Coy & tell him to send a squad to my left post & if all clear to establish connection with Tunnel post & return via TUNNEL & report to me there.


I then proceeded to TUNNEL & found everything satisfactory except that one Lewis Gun was out of action. A message was sent to O.C. A Coy for another gun which arrived some hours afterwards.


All liaison patrols returned at 4 p.m. & garrisons replaced by 5 pm.


Casualties as far as known at present

1 Sergt.            Killed.

2 Pte                Missing believed killed (buried)

6 “                  Wounded

2 “                  *****

W.C. Green O.C. D Coy

8 a.m. 27.2.17


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