20 Division 22 February 1917

SECRET                                                                                             Copy No….21


22nd February 1917




Reference Operation Order No. 135, para. 2 (d), of 3rd instant.


The relief of the B.G.C. 59th Infantry Brigade, in command of LESBOEUFS Sector, by the B.G.C. 60th Infantry Brigade on the 24th instant, is postponed till further orders.


Similarly, the relief of the 59th M.G. Company and T.M. Battery by the 60th M.G. Company and T.M. Battery is also postponed.


R.A. Thornton Capt

for Lieut. Colonel

General Staff, 20th Division.

Issued to Signals at 3.45 pm


Copies to recipients of O.O. 135.

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