Letter to H.A. Titcomb 5 February 1919

Letter to H.A. Titcomb 5 February 1919


Copies to be made for uncle HAT.


February 5th 1919

Sergeant Major H.A. Titcomb,

R.A.F. Repatriation Records,

43 St. Cross Road,



Dear Titcomb,


I saw Trenchard on Sunday and he expressed himself as amazed to hear of your history. He was not aware that you had been refused a Commission.  I have heard from him today and understand that you will get your release in a few days time.  If things should not go satisfactorily please let me know.


I understood from you that you do want to get out but are in no hurry; should the results of my efforts be more rapid than you anticipated do not be sufficiently quixotic to decline, because then you might stay there for years & years. I understand that the demobilisers have got to demobilise everybody and everything, including the regimental mascots, before their own turn comes.


Yours very truly,

Not named here.

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