Letter Re Sgt TW Dowsett 31 January 1915

COPY.                                                                                                                   31st Jan. 1915.


Dear Mrs Dowsett,


It is with the greatest possible regret that I have to write and inform you of the death of your gallant son Sergt T.W. Dowsett.  He was “Killed in Action” on Saturday 30th January (yesterday) whilst in the trenches with his company.  The gallant fellow was shot through the upper portion of the head at 7-45 a.m. and although his comrades and I did everything that was possible for him he never recovered consciousness but passed peacefully away at 9-30 a.m.  We carried his body back to Kemmel the same evening and buried him in a small portion of a field set aside as a cemetery for the British troops.  He lies there side by side with some of his comrades.  The Colonel read a most impressive funeral service and he was laid to rest at 7-45 p.m. surrounded by a large number of his comrades which included many officers, and all the officers and non-commissioned officers of his Company.  We placed a small wooden cross at the head of his grave upon which Mr Maule (who is also writing to you) had written a suitable inscription.  The actual position of the grave it will be quite easy for us to indicate to you at any time.


I have given you all the above details because I thought you would like to know them. Any further information you may desire I shall be most willing to supply if possible.


The whole of his personal belongings found upon him at the time of his death was carefully taken care of and will be forwarded to you at an early date.


In conclusion I need only say that every member of the Regiment send to you and to all his relatives their deepest sympathy. You have lost (I know) a dear son.  We have lost a brave and gallant comrade, loved by every member of his company and particularly so by the members of his section he so cheerfully led.


Believe me, with deepest sympathy, to be

Yours very truly,


(officer commanding No 2 Company)


  1. Garnsey appears in the Army List.

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