Honours & Awards 9th Canadian Artillery Brigade January 1919

Honours & Awards 9th Canadian Artillery Brigade January 1919




HONOURS & AWARDS. For month of JANUARY 1919




No                             Rank.                 Name                 Unit                                                 Action for which recommended


Major            THOMPSON E.V.    33rd Battery CFA                 For courage and devotion to duty.  As a Battery Commander, this Officer has constantly exhibited the greatest courage and resource on many occasions and under heavy shell fire, inspiring all ranks under his Command with the utmost confidence in his judgements and decisions.

During the Battles of AMIENS and ARRAS he exhibited the highest qualities throughout for coolness and accurate judgement under the most trying conditions.  His untiring energy and splendid example being at all times of the greatest value to the Service.



No                             Rank.                  Name                   Unit                                                    Action for which recommended






301289                Gunner.      McDONALD  J.A.  36th. Battery CFA          For bravery and devotion to duty near VIS-EN-ARTOIS.

Gunner McDONALD J.A. was a Member of “C” Gun Detachment engaged in cutting wire on the DROCOURT-QUEANT Switch on 1st. September preparatory to the battle of September 2nd.  His Section Commander and No 1 were killed and one of his gun crew mortally wounded.  He helped carry the dying and wounded men to a sheltered spot and then went back to his gun and continued running it alone until assistance was detailed to him.  Though continually shaken up he continued at his work.  His fearlessness and devotion to duty set an example to all his comrades and on this occasion was the means of keeping them steady and the guns firing regularly until the task was completed.




No                             Rank.                   Name                   Unit                                                   Action for which recommended






91432                     B.Q.M.S.       DOBSON  H.T.   31st. Battery CFA        For consistent good work and devotion to duty.  During the Amiens Battle he was frequently in charge of the Rear Wagon Lines besides carrying out his duties as Q.M.S.  During the ARRAS Battle he always personally escorted the rations to the guns, thereby rendering great assistance to the Officers.






300618                Bdr.                       LOMAX O.T. 33rd. Battery CFA       For conspicuous gallantry and disregard of personal danger in the vicinity of INCHY on September 27th 1918.  During the advance on the morning of September 27th 1918, the Battery came under intense shell fire on a road leading into INCHY, and a Gunner was severely wounded.  Bdr Lomax volunteered to stay with the wounded man.  After dressing his wounds he carried him to a place of safety and went in search of assistance.  During the whole of this time he was under the most intense shell fire but he succeeded in getting the wounded man to a Dressing Station.

After getting the wounded man to a Dressing Station Gnr Lomax reported back to the gun and carried on.  His utter disregard of danger and prompt action undoubtedly saved the man’s life.

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