Report of Drifters off Cape Helles 22 January 1919

Report of Drifters off Cape Helles 22 January 1919


S.O. 9th Div of Drifters

D “Northesk” II

Cape Helles.

Jan 22 1918 [19]

S.N.O. (A.P. Office)

H.M.S. “Europa”


In accordance with instructions received from S.N.O. Cape Helles.  I have collected demands for Engine room & Deck Stores for month of February from the following vessels in my Division.

H.M.D. Northesk II No. 2022.

Prime No. 2289.

Ten No. 1052.

Hopeful No. 2386.

Comely No. 2387.

Victoria II No. 766.

the other two vessels – Ebenezer No. 2294 and Northern Scot No. 2425 – being I understand under Black Sea Command.


Arrangements will be made for a Drifter to be sent for food & clothing for Feb. about end of the month & could collect Deck & Engineroom Stores also if convenient.


The first six items on Deck Stores list for Northesk II are returns & the old will be sent back immediately on receipt of new.


The hatch cover is urgently required as the present one lets all water through & stores are continually being ruined in hold.


The Hand Scrubber & Wash bowl marked lost overboard, were washed overboard by a very heavy sea which broke on our beam at Cape Helles Jan 19th.


R.H. Palmer.

Lieut. R.N.V.R.

S.O. of Div.


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