Report of Drifters off Cape Helles 20 January 1919

Report of Drifters off Cape Helles 20 January 1919


S.O. 9th Div of Drifters

D “Northesk” II

Cape Helles.

Jan 20th 1919

Captain (K)

H.M.Y. “Paulina”




I have the honour to forward for your favourable considerable details of an application for immediate relief (due to private affairs) from one of the enginemen in my Division.


On receipt of the enclosed request from the Skipper of H.M.D. “Prime” No 2289 I sent for the man and interviewed him.


The man – John B. Thompson, 2nd Engineerman – received a letter from his wife notifying him that she had met a previous lover and has decided to live with him and furthermore has threatened to take his home with her.


It is natural that Thompson should feel this intensely but he appears to be completely stricken by the shock, so much so that he hasn’t slept for several nights but paces the deck; is eating nothing & the Skipper is afraid it is affecting his mind.


Thompson has asked me if I could possibly arrange for him to go home at once before it is too late to attempt to remedy the sad affair; he points out that his home took him 7 years hard working to get together.


Unfortunately he has only been on Foreign Service 6 months, but I am able to report him as being a conscientious & zealous worker & apparently of very temperate habits.


I have the honour to be


Your obedient servant

Reginald H. Palmer.

Lieut. R.N.V.R.

S.O. of Div.

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