George Ryan’s letter home dated 14 Jan 15

Victoria Barracks




14 Jan 1915


Dear May,


Just a few words to let you know I received no letter this week. I suppose mother didn’t get my letter from Aden, or I should have had an answer to it this week.


However, they expect the mail boat in a bit earlier this week; it’s supposed to reach Bombay some time to-day, so we might get our letters Sat night.  It will be quite a change, as it’s been Mon or Tues the last 3 or 4 weeks, before we’ve got any letters.


I fired ball-cartridge for the first time yesterday. I got on very well; it was only on the 30 yards range though.  It was only to get us used to our rifles – those that had not fired ball before.  We shall start firing our “course”, next week I expect.  It takes two or three weeks, as we have various kinds of targets, at different ranges, both rapid & deliberate (take your time) firing.  We can earn extra pay for firing, I think.  A first-class shot gets 6d a day extra a second class gets 3d & a 3rd class shot gets nothing extra.  Of course, you have to be very good at it to get anything extra.  The Army doesn’t give anything away.  These payments are what the Regulars get, but we don’t know yet whether we shall get them.  Of course, we are acting as Regulars out here, but when it comes to a matter of pay we are only Territorials.


Well the rumour that we should leave here in March has been buried. We’ve had another one since then & that was that we were here for 3 years but that’s also been buried.  The one alive at present is that the war will be over by October & that we shall spend next Christmas at home.  I hope this last one is right.  After all “there’s no place like London”.


Hoping you are all well & jogging along alright.


Love to all,

Yr loving brother


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