Regarding Operations of 45th Battery C.F.A while detached from 9th Brigade C.F.A. and attached to the 1st C.M.R. Battalion and 5th H.L.I. Battalion of the 52nd Division.  From 6.11.18 to 9.11.18



Place       Date    Hour                                              Summary of Events and Information


6-11-18                        In the morning of 6-11-18 the 45th Battery was in action at Q.23.d.40.30. (sheet 44) and under orders of C.O. 1st C.M.R. Battalion.

At 09.00 hours a forward section occupied a position at W.5.b.20.80. and registered upon the following points:- FORT MAZY R.14.d.20.30.  Lone house R.20.b.45.70.  Three twins R.20.d.25.80.  Railway track R.21.c.20.40.

On night of 7-11-18 battery came under orders of 5th H.L.I. Battalion of the 52nd Division, who had relieved the 1st C.M.Rs. Battalion in the line. Battery fired 250 rounds upon registered targets in R.14. R.20. and R.21.


8-11-18                        At 11.00 hours 8-11-18 H.L.I. occupied FORT MAZY and surrounding area which had been evacuated by the enemy.


9-11-18                        At 06.30 Battery moved forward to THULIN  where it rejoined 9th Brigade C.F.A. at 11.45 hours.


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