9th Canadian Artillery Brigade Operation Order No 155, 7 November 1918

Copy No._______



7th November 1918


  • 7th Canadian Infantry Brigade have orders to make good the village of THULIN and exploit beyond it, and if possible patrols find the village strongly held to-night, a creeping barrage will be put down by the Field Artillery on the morning of the 8th instant at a time to be notified.


  • 9th Brigade will be prepared to lay down barrages as follows:-

Initial Barrage – N.26.d.15.90. to N.26.a.30.70.

Final Barrage – N.22.d.30.50. to N.22.b.00.50.

Northern Boundary – N.26.a.30.70 – N.21.c.40.30 – N.22.b.00.50.

31st Battery CFA will barrage the LEFT one half.

33rd Battery CFA will barrage the RIGHT one half.

36th Battery CFA will be superi[m]posed as in para 5.


  • LIFTS 9th Bde C.F.A. 5 Minutes on Initial Barrage. 13 lifts of 100 yards each at 4 minute intervals then 100 yard lifts at 3 minute intervals to final line.  On reaching Final Line batteries will cease fire.



Initial barrage and first five lifts INTENSE.

3 lifts…………………………  RAPID.

5 lifts…………………………. NORMAL

Remainder…………………….. SLOW.


  • 36th Battery CFA will be distributed over the Brigade front 300 yards beyond the 18-pdr barrage. Special attention will be paid to all roads within the Brigade Zone.


  • Batteries will sweep so as to cover the whole front.


  • 33rd Battery CFA which is detailed to move forward in close support of the P.P.C.L.I will maintain Liaison with that Battalion and will be prepared to move forward immediately it has fired out the barrage.


  • AMMUNITION – Shrapnel till SLOW rate commences, then H.E.


  • Zero Hour will be notified later.
  • Watches will be synchronised from this office by telephone.
  • O.Os 31st Battery CFA will supply an F.O.O who will work with the P.P.C.L.I Battalion.




(sgd) D.A. McKinnon Major

A/O.C. 9th Canadian Artillery Brigade.

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