9th Canadian Artillery Brigade 13 November 1918

9th Canadian Artillery Brigade


All Batteries


  1. Boundaries of 3rd Canadian Division are as follows:-

Southern Boundary: Q.3.d. along road (inclusive to 3rd Canadian Division) to BOURG (L.30.d.) thence road to L.20.c.

Northern Boundary: K.19.c. along road to K.11.a. thence due East.


  1. The front is held by one infantry Brigade (At present 9th (Cdn.Inf.Bde.H.Q.Q.2.c.2.1.) with two Battalions in the line. Battalion H.Q. are in SAINT DENIS.  Inter-Battalion boundary – from crossroads L.13.a.05.05. (Inclusive to Right Battalion) to crossroads K.32.d.1.4.


  1. 2nd Canadian Division is on the Right, 8th Division on the Left.


  1. “Line runs as follows:- L.20.d.2.1. through L.20.b.2.1. to fork road at L.13.a.05.05. to K.11.A.75.75. to K.15 Central which is the point of junction with the 8th Division troops. From this point the line of the division on our left now runs approximately from15. central – K.8. central – K.2. central.


  1. Field Artillery covering the line consists of: 9th Brigade CFA, 10th Brigade CFA. 8th Army Brigade CFA.


  1. ARTILLERY BOUNDARIES 10th Brigade CFA will cover Right Battalion 9th Brigade CFA will cover Left Battalion. 8th Army Brigade CFA will be superim


  1. (a) SOS lines for Batteries will be as follows:

31st Battery – L.13.a.5.5. – K.12.d.4.7.

33rd Battery – K.12.d.4.7 – K.12.a.3.9.

45th Battery – K.12.a.3.9. – K.5.d.3.2. – K.4.d.9.4.

36th Battery – Roads and important points beyond 18-pdr S.O.S. line.

(b) 8th Army Brigade CFA will also detail one Battery to cover route of approach on left flank including the road in K.19.d.


  1. LIAISON 10th Brigade CFA will supply liaison Officer to Right Battalion 8th Army Brigade CFA to left Battalion.
  2. F.O.Os Each Brigade will maintain one O.P. manned day and night.
  3. Full ammunition Echelons are to be carried.
  4. No firing will be done except in the event of an enemy attack.




(sgd) L.B. Kingston Lieutenant


9th Canadian Artillery Brigade.


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