Letter to Miss Dillon 16 October 1918


British Embassy




16th Oct 1918




My dearest Lillie,


I wish you a very happy birthday and many happy returns.  I am sorry it is impossible to send anything in the shape of a gift by post from here, but, like Bertha, I will give you a photograph when I return to London.  I have also one for Anna.  They arrived a short time ago as I think I told you.  They are very good, and what’s more, they never sent the bill!


I noticed you had made that cheque payable to me, so I cashed it to-day.  Very many thanks.  I hope to be able to return it in a few days when I get my allowances from the 21st May onwards!  I was glad to get Anna’s letter of the 9th Oct yesterday.


I am glad she is satisfied with her new car.


I started out to call on Countess Salazar today, but it was raining so heavily that I had to turn back.  I have discovered the address of a Countess Salazar so I hope it is the right one.  I shall sally forth again to-morrow.  We are having really wintry weather now. 


Don’t you find night duty very trying?  I hope you will not overwork.


I think the war will be over in about six months.


Have you seen anything of Miss Cobb since!  Her friends here have been very kind to me.


With best love to you and Anna and best wishes for the 27th


from Willie




with cover addressed to Miss de C. Dillon, M.T. ASC No I Reserve Depot, Grove Park, Lee, London S.E. 12 with ARMY POST OFFICE ?? 17 OC 18 postmark Passed by Censor *93 cachet signed W.Dillon


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