Letter from Tom Hammond 5th October 1918



All communications to Grosvenor Street.

Tel 140

Telegrams: “Neckwear,” Macclesfield

Neckwear Ltd

Grosvenor Street and

Prestbury Road Mills


5th Oct 1918


Dear Ted & Mary

We are all very sorry to have Willie’s letter this morning about George being wounded.  I may say that we are all very anxious to hear how he is going on & we sincerely hope that he will soon get better.  You know that we all feel that it will upset you very much.  & in fact both Sarah & myself & Elsie feel that he is one of ourselves.  So that we can enter into your feelings.  Don’t get downhearted.  So many of the wounded get better so quickly.  With me being in touch with the wounded in the hospitals it is remarkable how soon they get well again.  Gunshot wounds are not as bad as shell wounds.  However let us know when you hear anything.  Shall be pleased to see Willie.

I also enclose £20-0-0 for Gladys’ fee.

With love to all from all


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